Meramont S.A.

Technical department
Meramont S.A.

Our experienced technologist and designers are up for any challenge in order to meet your requirements. 

Meramont offers services including the design and development of project solutions as well as the optimization and complete production process for your products.

Our team of designers and technologists use state-of-the-art software such as Solid Edge, AutoCad as well as Inventor CAD systems and will meet even the most demanding expectations. We are known for:

  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • flexibility
  • an openness to new solutions and technologies

The design office specializes in the development of individual solutions utilizing our production capacities for:

  • Welded structures such as platforms, shelves and racks
  • Special constructions - Turntables, test benches and assembly devices
  • Construction of containers and tanks

We offer a complete implementation of projects ranging from the development of concept drawings to the creation of professional technical documentation to the conception of the prototype and its implementation in production.

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