Meramont S.A.

Offer for the automotive industry

For years our experienced team of engineers in MERAMONT S.A., he has been passionate about implementing and perfecting the latest technologies in the solutions offered within the automotive industry. We perfectly understand the needs of our customers and know the specifics of the market segment in which they operate, which allows us to meet their expectations and provide products at the highest level: precisely made, meeting all quality standards and more than corresponding to the needs of the automotive industry.

When experience goes hand in hand with quality - the comprehensive MERAMONT S.A. offer for the automotive industry

We have been cooperating with clients from the automotive industry for over twenty years, providing precisely made components of the highest quality. The work of our engineers is defined by the idea of producing elements that meet the most stringent standards and are used by our partners to build a competitive advantage on the market. Paired with the precision of our subassemblies is the care for partner relations with customers. The better we understand their needs, the better the services we provide. We value the trust placed in us and cultivate the professionalism and flexibility of our offer, which is confirmed by our satisfied customers. The three words that define our work are: professionalism, punctuality and quality.

We produce for the automotive industry:

  • bent, welded and painted elements,

  • parts made of black, stainless and acid-resistant steel sheet,

  • aluminum elements,

  • parts painted in any color chosen by the customer,

  • bus sidewall structures,

  • tanks for fuel and other types of liquids.

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