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Laser cutting 3D:
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Laser cutting is a type of thermal processing during which the material is separated by directing a highly focused laser beam onto the material. It is considered to be the fastest and most accurate cutting method. After this process, the edges of the cut material are clean and free of burrs, so that they are immediately suitable for subsequent processing such as welding. The laser cutting process is also very economical, since a free alignment of the beam enables a high degree of material saving.

 3D Lasercutting

Our company has been active in the metal industry for over 50 years and during this time has received the recognition from customers as well as a number of certificates confirming the highest quality of our services. We specialize in: 

We specialize in:

  • Cutting closed profiles, angles, pipes, channels from materials such as:

    • hot and cold rolled "black" carbon steel S235, S355

    • Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404,

    • stal kwasoodporna 1.4301, 1.4404,

    • Aluminium,

    • Copper,

    • Bronze.

  • Obtaining the most accurate shape of processed materials

  • Repeatability of the shape of the machined elements.

When using our services, the maximum thickness of the laser-cut material varies depending on the raw material

    • Stainless steel : 5 mm

    • Consntruction steel : 8 mm

    • Aluminium : 5 mm

    • Bronze : 5 mm

    • Copper : 3 mm

Our machine park is equipped with a modern 3 kW fiber optic source Laser, which guarantees precise and repeatable cutting of materials. This modern laser also offers excellent quality of the cut edges and does not leave any burrs or scratches. Thanks to the very small heat affected zone created by these devices, the material is free from deformation and stress after cutting.

The use of Laser cutting replaces a number of traditionally separate processes, such as: Benchcutting, drilling, punching out shapes, milling and the like. At the same time, this offers the highest level of accuracy. We also offer laser cutting of tubes and profiles, with sawing, milling or drilling being successfully worked out in one go. This reduces the processing time and thereby lowers the unit costs of the entire process. Another benefit is the fact that with one tool we can cut any shape in a wide variety of materials of varying thicknesses

 Laser fiber technology

Our machine park is equipped with a modern laser with Fiber technology. Its characteristic feature is the laser beam generated by interconnected diodes, which is transmitted to the working head through flexible optical fibers. In this type of laser, the active element is an optical fiber doped with rare earth elements such as: erbium, ytterbium or neodymium. The wavelength of light in our laser is even ten times shorter than in a standard CO2 laser solution. Granted from this, we obtain a great concentration of energy, which allows us to cut materials unattainable for other devices. Fiber technology is characterized by very high efficiency and high beam quality. The focal diameter is much smaller than in the standard and commonly used laser technology. This is why our devices are characterized by very high efficiency and excellent quality of the side surface of the cut.

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