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Welding is one of the machining processes that is very often subject to automation. This method is perfect for large-scale production, where the short time of performing individual operations and the repeatability of the welds created are important. In addition, it is much easier to control the quality of the connections made, which show similar strength parameters. It should also be emphasized that robotic welding is used wherever there is not much space available and a person may have problems with access.

How does robotwelding work?

Precise welding of parts is possible only with robotic welding. The heart of this process is the welding robot arm. It is a unique structure that allows movement and rotation in any direction. Thanks to this, the arm equipped with a wire or a welding electrode is able to perform its work in one clamping of the welded detail. The trajectory of the arm movement can be freely programmed and changed during the production process. As a result, the robot's movements can be flexibly adapted to any changes. It is worth noting that the arm is driven by servo motors. This allows for very quick execution of welds and auxiliary movements, which significantly shortens the entire process. Welding takes place in welding fixtures, which ensures proper fixation of the element and has a positive effect on reducing deformations throughout the entire process. Robotic stations are also very safe for operators, as special safety zones provide protection against welding flash and prevent spatter from penetrating beyond the working area.

The range of services offered in the field of robotic welding

Our company performs professional welding tasks. Serial production is not a challenge for us, we offer short and therefore extremely competitive lead times. Our machine park is equipped with a modern and robotic welding arm with a MAG source. It ensures repeatability of the details and identical welds, which guarantees the highest quality of finished elements. We offer welding of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel parts. We are authorized to weld parts that are empoyed in railways, construction, transport industry, etc. Thanks to cooperation with our company, you can be sure that every detail made will meet the highest industrial requirements. The supervision of experienced welders will prevent unexpected defects, thanks to which you are guaranteed to receive a product of appropriate strength. Our production process is additionally characterized by high cleanliness, thanks to the reduction of spatter and no need to clean welded elements. Our team has many years of experience in programming the trajectory of arm movement, which reduces the amount of welding consumables used. This significantly reduces the production time, thanks to which we are able not only to execute orders quickly, but also to offer very attractive prices.

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