Meramont S.A.

Special projects

Modern technologies as well as years of experience and a constantl development of knowledge ensures our team of engineers to be able to realize the manufacture of even the most structurally complex elements. We work for clients from the automotive and railway industries, for companies producing machines and for the shipbuilding industry, and for each of these groups, we ensure the production of specific elements with the highest quality. Our products are precise and perfectly fit, and their production is highly repeatable. Here are the advantages of a modern machine park and top-class specialists working at MERAMONT S.A.

We know our possibilities and we are happy to engage in special projects

Years of experience in the production of various elements using various professional processing methods, including bending of steel sheet or aluminum, welding or laser cutting, have made MERAMONT S.A. they successfully carry out orders for the production of elements with a wide variety of applications. We are happy to engage in custom-made projects, because not only these types of orders allow us to show our capabilities and skills, but they are often an opportunity to expand our already large baggage of experience.

As part of special projects Meramont provides the following:

  • we offer support from a specialized design office,

  • services are provided by a team of qualified and experienced designers,

  • we undertake the implementation of technologically advanced and complex projects.

Professionalism and passion for quality that we put into work on special projects make it the highest and typical for MERAMONT S.A. we undertake to perform at the client's special request:

  • elements made of black steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminum,
  • bent, welded and painted elements,

  • elements for a specific size, meeting specific requirements,

  • welded structures,

  • machine components.

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