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Our company offers its clients the highest quality services in the field of machinery and equipment assembly. Even the best design requires a professional assembly at the very end, which ensures proper operation of the equipment and its effective and therefore economical operation. Our well-trained employees have a wide range of skills and many years of experience, which guarantee correct assembly.

 The scope of offered assembly services

 We offer our clients a comprehensive service of assembling machines and devices, which includes, among others:

  • assembly of gaskets, consoles, devices and components,

  • gluing elements,

  • electrical mesurements,

  • execution of all structures and installations included in the design.

We have professional equipment for performing mechanical and electrical works. It is worth emphasizing that we work in accordance with applicable standards, which ensures the highest quality of services and reliability of the machines and devices installed by our team. We are characterized by precise and careful assembly, which is confirmed by our customers.

At the beginning of a cooperation with the client, we analyze the order entrusted to us in regards to the technical terms and determine the required scope of work. Then, we carry out mechanical and electrical works with all due diligence to implement the previously prepared plan. We are able to perform the required construction and strength calculations to ensure long and correct operation of the device. At the end of the assembly process, the details are verified and checked to make sure that all work has been done correctly. We are able to perform professional tests that confirm the proper operation of the machine made. The project is accepted in the presence of our qualified experts who will be happy to tell you about the order and answer any technical questions.

Comprehensive execution of each order

We perform assembly using our own and entrusted elements. So you can commission us to make a given project, and we will take care of the rest. However, if you want the project to be made using your materials, we will also be happy to take care of this type of assembly. Our hallmark is offering clients comprehensive services, including:

  • purchase of the required materials for the implementation of all designed elements,

  • prefabrication and finished parts,

  • delivery of the manufactured parts to the customer,

  • testing of all the designed elements and the entire device,

  • technical support and start up of the entrusted project

  • consulting in the field of assembly and design support.


Meramont S.A. is characterized by a high repeatability of the assembly process, thanks to which we can successfully make a production series of given elements. Meticulous quality control ensures that only correctly made elements or the entire project are delivered to our customers.

Thanks to the comprehensive services we offer, you save your time and money. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of assembly, we have many professional solutions that ensure long operation of each machine without faults - thus you will avoid unwanted downtime in your company and costly repairs in the future.

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