Meramont S.A.

Offer for companies from the shipbuilding industry

Many clients of MERAMONT S.A. are companies from the shipbuilding industry who expect us to produce elements with strictly defined parameters, precisely made and perfectly fitted. Our team of engineers perfectly handels the entrusted tasks thanks to the combination of experience gathered over the years and high-quality technical facilities in our machine park. Appropriate quality equipment operated by our staff allows us to manufacture elements whose parameters are appreciated by customers from the shipbuilding industry.

Precision that meets stringent standards. MERAMONT S.A. offer for the shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding industry requires us to demonstrate high precision in the production of elements that must be manufactured in accordance with the assumptions and perfectly fit. Regardless of whether we are creating a control panel housing or working on a control cabinet or a fuel tank - we always make sure that the elements we make are of the highest quality and meet quality standards and safely serve our customers for years, dealing with the requirements of the industry shipbuilding.

For the shipbuilding industry, we provide:

  • elements made of black, stainless, acid-proof steel sheet

  • aluminum elements,

  • enclosures of control panels,

  • control cabinets,

  • fuel and other liquid tanks,

  • bent, welded and painted elements.

We approach the projects commissioned by companies from the shipbuilding industry with professionalism and flexibility in the scope of services offered. We offer a short lead time without losing product quality, which is possible thanks to partnership relations and understanding the needs of our customers. We value the trust they place in us and we care about maintaining professional and partner relations.

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