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The company is equipped with modern production machines. The technologies used have all approvals, attestations, certificates and declarations of compliance with national and international standards.

Technical data:

Load capacity:

diameter over the cradle: 510 mm
turning diameter (recommended): 170 mm
maximum turning diameter: 250 mm
maximum turning length: 600 mm
permissible weight:
in handle: 70 kg
with a tailstock: 130 kg
rod diameter in the spindle: 51 mm


handle: 170 mm
spindle: A2 # 5 ASA
spindle diameter (front / rear): (90/80) mm
hole in the spindle: 61 mm
cylinder clearance: 52 mm
spindle drive motor power (continuous / 30 min): 11/15 kW
spindle rev range: 6,000 rpm
maximum spindle torque: 95.5 N.m


Production year: 2008

Operating range:

Punching force 20 T
Max. sheet length 2500.0 mm
Fanuc CNC control type
Max. sheet width 1250.0 mm
Sheet thickness: up to 3mm

Production year: 2014

Operating range:

Sheet thickness bent: 0.5 mm to 5mm
Pressure kN 500
Press beam length (mm) 2090
Clearance between press stands (mm) 1665mm
Work table width (mm) 60

Production year: 2008


Operating range:


Working length: 3150 mm

Sheet thickness bent: 0.5 mm to 12.0 mm

Press force 1300 k

Production year: 2008

Operating range:

Working length: 3100mm
Sheet thickness: from 0.25mm to 4mm

Production year: 2017

Operating range:

Sheet thickness: from 1.0mm to 10mm
Bending length: 4050mm
Pressure force: 2300kN
Working length between side walls: 3550mm
Distance between table and slide beam: 500mm
Projection: 305mm
Slant of the sliding beam: +/- 10mm

Operating range:

work space
– wałek Ø : 80 mm
roll: 245 mm
bending speed: 4.2 m / min
driven roll: 3 pcs

power, hydraulic pump: 5.5 kW
supply voltage: 400 V

The spray washer is one of the elements of the metal coating line with powder coatings. Its task is to prepare the surface for painting, i.e. degreasing and applying a phosphate layer by spraying.

It is adapted to chemicals for iron phosphating in spray systems operating at temperatures up to 55 ° C. The iron phosphate conversion coating obtained in this way ensures excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance before the next painting of any type.

It is possible to undergo galvanizing of galvanized elements - then a chemical agent suitable for the type of material from which the washer working chamber is made should be used. The cabin's internal walls are made of polypropylene.

Operating range:

Max load 1500 kg
input - dimensions max 3400x1000x1800 [mm]
dimensions of the working chamber 3700x1200x2000 [mm]
overall dimensions of the device 3730x2100x3440 [mm]

The PSG-1 oven-dryer spray melts and cures paint coatings at temperatures up to 220C, and dries metal parts after chemical treatment at temperatures up to 150 C.

Operating range:

Max load 1500kg
load - dimensions max. 3400x1000x1800 [mm]
chamber dimensions 3600x1200x2000 [mm]
overall dimensions 4030x1680x3190 [mm]

Operating range:

Table dimensions: 3000 × 1500 mm

Profile processing range:

– okrągłych Ø16÷225 mm
square 16 × 16 ÷ 160 × 160 mm
rectangular 16 × 16 ÷ 200 × 100 mm

Maximum thickness of cutting materials:

copper 5 mm
5 mm brass
8 mm aluminum
stainless steel 8 ÷ 10 mm
black steel 20 mm


the smallest programmable step of 0.001 mm
– uchyb pozycjonowania ± 0,10 mm
– średnia odchyłka pozycjonowania ± 0,03 mm

All-B4L keypad:

number of axles 6
maximum load capacity of 4 kg
maximum working range 2.008 mm
– powtarzalność pozycji ± 0.08 mm

DP400 Welding Machine:

capacity 400 A
number of phases 3
maximum no-load voltage (V) 80
– zakres napięcia wyjściowego V 12 – 38 V
duty cycle (10 min / 40 ° C) Pulse = 50 / DC = 60%
– zakres prądu wyjściowego 30 – 400 A
– zakres napięcia zasilania 400 ± 15%
maximum output current 400 A
maximum output voltage 34 V

Positioner with horizontal rotation axis TC-700-T:

maximum load per page: 400 kg
working area 2000x900mm
number of working fields - 2
– powtarzalność pozycji ± 0.2 mm
weight 726 kg

Production year: 2009

Operating range: 

- working table dimensions: 3000x1500mm

- maximum sheetmetal thickness: 20mm

- maximum thickness of stainless steel sheet: 12mm

- maximum thickness of aluminum sheet: 8mm

- maximum load on the table: 710 kg

Our machine park and qualified staff

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