Meramont S.A.

Roll bending profiles

We offer the bending of open and closed profiles and steel tubes with rollers. We guarantee a high precision manufacture process and short delivery timelines.


For rolling, we use a three-roller bender that allows bending pipes, rectangular sections as well as bars of any cross-sections. The bent elements can have any bending radius, including a spring set up.

Maximum length of bent profiles 6000 mm.


Rolling parameters:

Max. range for pipe 76 × 3.6 mm,
Max. range for angle bars 60x60x6 mm,
Max. range for T-sections 80x80x6 mm,
Max. range for flat pices 70 × 12 mm on flange,
Max. range for flat bar 110 × 15 mm cylindrical shape,
Max diameter for round bar - 40 mm.

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