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Rolling of steel profiles:
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Rolling is one of the most popular methods of plastic working that is widely used in industry. It allows you to make even very complex shapes from sheet metal or various types of profiles. For this reason, components such as tanks or housings in the automotive industry are often made using this method. The most important advantage of rolling is that it can be performed without heating the workpiece. This means that there is no heat affected zone that has a negative impact on the strength of the element and the structure of the material.

What defines the rolling process?

The rolling process usually takes place in special machines called rolling mills. These are devices that consist of three or four rollers. One of them is at the top and is mainly used to introduce the element into the process. The side rollers are designed to bend and wrap a sheet of metal or other used element. The shape is formed by the movement of the rollers. Each of them can rotate around its axis, and the side rollers can also move vertically and horizontally. During forming, the material is subjected to pressures from the drive of the rolling mill. Most often this is hydraulic, which ensures that sufficient forces are obtained. Under their influence, the yield point in the element is exceeded, which results in local reinforcement of the detail and organization of the material structure. The most common diagnoses are an increase in tensile strength and a slight decrease in ductility.

Bending machines are also successfully used for the rolling process. They usually have three rollers that are responsible for shaping a given element. Usually the pressure is exerted by only one roller which forms a given radius. Very often in such devices, CNC control is used, which defines the time and point of bending, which allows for obtaining precise and repeatable shapes, which affects the efficiency and is extremely desirable in serial production.

Our services offered in the field of profile rolling

Our company offers professional services in plastic deformation. We do rolling of stainless and acid-resistant steel profiles with square and rectangular cross-sections. Our machine park is equipped with the highest quality three-roll bender. It allows for bending of many radii and profile length up to 6000 mm. The processing parameters are given below:

  • Maximum range for a 76 × 3.6 mm pipe,
  • Maximum range for 60x60x6 mm angles,
  • Maximum range for T-bars 80x80x6 mm,
  • Maximum range for flat bars 70 × 12 mm - on the flange,
  • Maximum range for flat bars 110 × 15 mm - cylindrical shape,
  • Maximum diameter of a round bar - 40 mm.

We have qualified employees who, thanks to their experience, will make elements of the highest quality for you. Our team of experts will help you choose the appropriate technology to make a given shape to ensure high strength and shape in accordance with the requirements specified in the order.

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