Meramont S.A.

Offer for companies producing machinery

 For you our team of engineers implements with great passion and refines advanced technologies.
By constantly striving for perfection, we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers in the production industry.

Our offer for machine producers

A wide range of specialized services of MERAMONT S.A. finds its application in the machinery industry, for which we have been producing both precise and relatively small products as well as larger-sized elements by bending sheet metal, welding or laser cutting for years. Our machine park is equipped with modern equipment, which is operated by an experienced team of specialists, which ensures high repeatability of manufactured elements and precision necessary in many subassemblies used in the machinery industry. We are well aware of the specifics of the market in which the machine manufacturers cooperating with us operate, therefore we develop our technological capabilities along with their needs and the specificity of the industry. Thanks to this aproach, we can deliver elements that meet the highest quality standards.

Precision and professionalism, i.e. the offer of MERAMONT S.A. for the machine industry

Each industry for which our team of engineers works has its own rules. We appreciate this diversity and thanks to our flexibility as well as a scalable and comprehensive offer, we can make components and parts of various types, perfectly meeting the needs of our customers. We approach each order with absolute professionalism, which translates into the highest quality of manufactured elements made extremely precisely regardless of the chosen method of processing and a short and always properly defined lead time. The repeatability of our projects together with their quality has strengthened our position on the market and cemented the cooperation of MERAMONT S.A. with machine manufacturers.

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