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Punching is one of the basic production processes that initiates the stage of creating new products. By means of punching, elements of simple as well as complex shapes are made, which are most often transferred to subsequent processing stations. It is important in this production process that it lasts as short as possible, which is important in the context of the price of the finished product.

How does punching work?

Punching is a technological process that consists in cutting out a given shape from a metal sheet or other prefabricated product. The most commonly used material is aluminum or steel. Depending on the strength properties, appropriate punching parameters should be selected. The pressure and its time are important. The punching process also requires specialized tools, the most important of which is the hydraulic press. It should provide sufficient force to be able to cut the material to the desired size. In addition, it must guarantee safe operation through the use of special guards and a press engagement strategy.

The bent and punched elements are made on a hydraulic press and on special tooling. These are dies, i.e. tools that directly produce the desired shape. The type of matrix that is placed between the press and the processed material is also important. The manufacturing tolerances of a given element depend on the accuracy of its execution and durability. The punching process can be significantly automated thanks to the use of CNC control. It allows you to easily adjust the pressure of the press, thanks to which you can make elements with very high repeatability, which is perfect for serial production.

Advantages in punching thin sheets:

  • Shortening the production series launch cycles and increasing production flexibility,
  • With one fastening of a sheet metal, we obtain the possibility of making many different types of cuts,
  • Obtaining high quality and dimensional tolerance of products,
  • High repeatability of punched details,
  • Obtaining the so-called drawing of zinc on the cut edges when processing coated sheets,
  • Possibility of making large embossing and threading operations,
  • Punching takes place without heating, which eliminates the heat-affected zone.

The range of services offered in the field of punching

Our company carries out punching on CNC turret punch presses. These are modern machines that allow the processing of such materials as:

  • Common steel (S235, S355)
  • Galvanized steel (DC01 + ZN)
  • Aluminum (PA)
  • stal nierdzewna, kwasoodporna (1H18, OH)

Posiadamy ponadto doświadczony personel, który zapewni wysoką jakość wykonywanych dla Ciebie elementów. Nasza wykwalifikowana kadra specjalistów, potrafi dobrać tak parametry wykrawania, aby uzyskany detal spełniał Twoje oczekiwania, co do precyzji praz powtarzalności. Naszą firmę charakteryzuje również niski koszt oraz szybki czas realizacji, a dzięki nowoczesnemu sterowaniu CNC jesteśmy elastyczni pod kątem każdego zlecenia. Chętnie wspieramy zleceniodawcę i pomagamy w opracowaniu najlepszej możliwej technologii w odniesieniu do zlecanego detalu.

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