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Powder coating: Meramont S.A.

Powder coating today is one of the most popular methods for painting various types of metals. It provides very high durability and an aesthetic appearance. The great advantage of powder coating is the entire range of colors available to each customer and the different structures of the finish. By using our services you will be able to choose from many different available gloss levels and textures, which allows you to implement your vision of the project tailored to the needs of your clients.

Preparation before powder coating

Powder coating consists of three main and successive processes:

  • The preparation of the part for coating,

  • The coating of the part with,

  • The hardening process.

At the very beginning, the element needs to be cleaned of any particles and residue to ensure an adequate adhesion of the applied coating. For this purpose, washing is performed with the aid of a spray washer. The spray washer is one of the elements of the line for coating metals with powdered paints. Its task is to prepare the surface for painting, i.e. to degrease and apply a phosphate layer by spraying. We currently have such a device, necessary in the implementation of the powder coating service, which is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Max load: 1500 kg,

  • Load Dimetions: 3400x1000x1800 [mm],

  • dimensions of the working chamber 3700x1200x2000 [mm]

  • overall dimensions of the device 3730x2100x3440 [mm]

Our spray washer also carries out additional preparatory processes before the actual painting. It is suitable for iron phosphating chemicals in the spraying system operating at temperatures up to 55 ° C. The resulting iron phosphate conversion coating ensures excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance before the next layer of painting of any type.

The process of pickling galvanized elements is also possible: then a chemical agent suitable for the type of material from which the washer's working chamber is made should be used. The inner walls of the spray booth are made of resistant polypropylene.

Coating and hardening the paint coat

The next stage of the powder coating process is applying a paint coat to a given element. The powdered paint covers the entire surface of the part using the electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying method. The painted metal object is grounded and the electrostatically charged powder covers the entire surface quickly and accurately.

The final stage of powder coating is hardening the paint. Our company has a modern oven / paint dryer with the following parameters:

  • Max load: 1500kg,
  • Load Dimetions: 3400x1000x1800 [mm],
  • dimensions of the working chamber 3700x1200x2000 [mm]
  • overall dimensions 4030x1680x3190 [mm]

The furnace - paint dryer PSG-1 melts and hardens paint coatings at temperatures up to 220 ° C and dries metal parts after chemical treatment at temperatures up to 150 ° C.

Our company has been operating in the metal industry for over 50 years, and the specialists we employ have many years of experience in the field of powder coating different metals. The combination of knowledge and experience with modern equipment makes Meramont S.A. provides its customers with professionally made powder coatings with high durability and an attractive appearance.

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